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The CrySoul
Species Guide
Closed Species
(Co-Owned by xXSinfulAdoptsXx )
From the depths of ancient hidden caves walks the CrySoul. These special creatures are much more than what they appear to the naked eye an have a past you must read to believe.

Long ago these poor creatures looked much different than what they do today, you see, they were but crystals. These crystals were harbingers of souls thus were forced to live motionless, watching all the creatures pass them by. As the years progressed, they became jealous of the animals which roamed around them and pleaded with them to help retrieve a body of their own. The first was a field mouse whom was very scared to hear a 'rock' talking to him and scurried away. The second was a fox whom made an agreement with a crystal promising a carcass for them to transfer them
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Bethany M. E. Symons
Artist | Student | Digital Art

Smol Kindred by TheKeikoIsALie Esker #49 - Reactor by wapitiadopts


Yo, I'm Bethany, Geni, Keiko, Dom, Sans, -- whatever the heck y'wanna call me.
I'm a pansexual, genderfluid female furry who happens to be extremely obsessed with cartoons, YouTubers and Hamilton.
I have an unhealthy obsession with fandom life and enjoy drawing fanart more than anything else. :3
(I use an Adonit Jot Pro on an iPad Mini in Procreate to draw.)
I'm a pretty dang crazy twenty-two-year-old furry, brony and fandom-loving chick-thing from Australia who loves to play random games and listen to music. I'm currently obsessed with Breath of the Wild and Furvilla. Though you will see me occasionally playing Starbound, Undertale, Minecraft (I play on Vox Populi Gold) and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

I fucking LOVE YouTube, watch it almost every single day, and my favourite YouTubers are Pyrocynical, NFKRZ, RebelTaxi, Bearing, MrRepzion, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, Jontron, Game Grumps, Brendaniel, JacksFilms, Arlo, Chadtronic, Caddicarus, Rob Dyke, Filthy Frank, Emma Blackery, Boyinaband, Roomie and SO many more. I'm a total fangirl.

I also love Pokemon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Portal, Amnesia, Torchlight, Burnout Paradise, Killing Floor and The Binding of Isaac. I might play a few weird random online games as well. Including childlike shit, since I love bright colours and a cute story.

I'm also an artist who loves cartoons like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Adventure Time and pretty much anything if written right with good character designs. I like Disney films a LOT! ;u;

Anyway, on to the real shit, I’m gray-ace pansexual, thus I like males, females and any gender or sexual identity inbetween, as long as they are compatible with me. I'm genderfluid -- swapping between feeling generally feminine and generally masculine at rather odd times depending on mood triggers. Right now I've been in the middle for a while, but I always go by any pronouns, though! I just have small bouts of awkwardness if I'm a little /too/ on one side of the gender spectrum and the opposite pronoun is used, but I never really bother to mention it unless I'm in a really bad mental state. ^~^; I always make sure to mention that I'm physically female though, since it kinda feels like lying to people to say that I'm not, due to the fact that I don't hide my physical sex or anything by binding and the like. -- Though that has been a dream of mine. ^^

I'm also an otherkin & fictionkin. I'm pretty new to the community but I've always felt a disconnect from the rest of the world; much more than other similarly-neurodivergent people I've come across, so when I found out that my odd memories and feelings could have been connected in some way to these kintypes it just clicked. I've been happier and much more confident within myself ever since. :3 I don't really mind if you find this weird or not. I won't hate on you for trying to convince me otherwise, I'll just kinda sit here and shrug probably. I'm used to being called insane for multiple facets of my being, so I've opted to take a bit of a pacifist approach and shrug stuff off, unless you specifically target a large group of people by generalising... then I might get a little defensive -- I usually care more about others' mental and physical states than my own.

Thank you so much for visiting, and before you watch me I need to stress this: I am very opinionated and very open about a lot of stuff, but I TRY NOT TO SHOVE THIS STUFF DOWN YOUR THROAT -- I'm kinda sick of being stereotyped just because of being in a certain group or because I choose to be more open, when I only share what I believe is appropriate and in small doses, and if one of my artworks or posts is a little bit risque, I’ll add a NSFW or Mature tag. So yeah, watch or note me if you like this stuff, or just simply if you hate it and wanna bitch at me, cuz I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it when people get angry about somethin' meaningless like what a random chick like me says or does on the internet.


[com] cutiemark pixel by feline-princess
Do you like ponies? Do you like flowers? If you said yes, you may like Flowercage Ponies! -- And you're in luck~ over at Flowercage-Meadow we're currently holding a competition to make our mascot and the prizes include free MYO slots, custom Flowercage Ponies, DeviantART points and art!

Sorry I had to embed the original journal in here, by the way! I can't enter my own group's journals into other groups for some reason... ;u;''


Screaming because I'm obsessed with Gaia again pls god help me.


i need to turn her into an OC I swear to gOD

...also I need to update my profile lol
deviantart pls stop telling me to buy core my money is being spent on more important things like neko dating sims thanks
Screaming because of the current circumstances and my mouse wheel being broken and needing a new icon.

I'm starting to wanna just use my old one but that has bad feels connected to it.

Oh also I'm using this again, so that's a thing? I guess??

Welcome new peeps to my page, I'm a nerd who likes stuff hi hello. o/


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but yeah, no one should be fucking called a whateverphobe for different points of view. you're only a phobic if you actively seek out and harass others because of who they are y'know? and you've not done that so im just sitting here like "oh... more reason to be paranoid... greeeeat"
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