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About Digital Art / Student Official Beta Tester Bethany M. E. SymonsFemale/Australia Groups :iconpokemonfurries: PokemonFurries
PokéFurs unite! :D
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TheKeikoIsALie's Profile Picture
Bethany M. E. Symons
Artist | Student | Digital Art

Yo, I'm Dominator, Keiko or Bethany!
A pansexual genderfluid furry who happens to be extremely obsessed with cartoons and YouTubers.
I love to draw innocent-but-sassy supernatural maid babes with huge tatas and
I'm pretty fucking shit at colouring, posing and anatomy. Oy vey.

(I use an Adonit Jot Pro on an iPad Mini in Procreate to draw.)

AMAAT -Art status -Rarity by SunsetMajka626 CAO -Art status -Twilight Sparkle by SunsetMajka626 PCAO -Art Status -Applejack by SunsetMajka626 IDDR- Art Status -Sunset Shimmer by SunsetMajka626
Anyway, (if you're still reading) back to me;

I'm a fucking insane twenty-two-year-old furry, brony and pokegeek chick from Australia who loves to play random games. I'm currently obsessed with Undertale and Furvilla. Though you will see me occasionally playing Minecraft (I play on Vox Populi Gold).

I fucking LOVE YouTube, watch it almost every single day, and my favourite YouTubers are Pyrocynical, NFKRZ, RebelTaxi, Bearing, MrRepzion, Jacksepticeye, PewDiePie, Jontron, Game Grumps, JacksFilms, Shane Dawson, Caddicarus, Rob Dyke, Filthy Frank, Emma Blackery, Boyinaband, Roomie and SO many more. I'm a total fangirl.

I also love Pokemon, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Portal, Amnesia, Torchlight, Burnout Paradise, Killing Floor and The Binding of Isaac. I might play a few weird random online games as well. Including childlike shit, since I love bright colours and a cute story.

I'm also an artist who loves cartoons like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Adventure Time and pretty much anything if written right with good character designs. I like Disney films a LOT! ;u;

I also love normal TV Shows, like Grimm, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Dexter, NCIS and a fuck of a lot more, but I’ve become too lazy to update this and I'm kinda iffy on live action stuff right now due to personal issues. :s

Anyway, on to the real shit, I’m gray-ace pansexual, thus I like males, females and any gender or sexual identity inbetween, as long as they are compatible with me. I'm genderfluid -- swapping between feeling generally feminine and generally masculine at rather odd times depending on mood triggers. Right now I've been in the middle for a while, but I always go by any pronouns, though! I just have small bouts of awkwardness if I'm a little /too/ on one side of the gender spectrum and the opposite pronoun is used, but I never really bother to mention it unless I'm in a really bad mental state. ^~^;

I'm also an otherkin & fictionkin. Main ID/kin right now is Dominator. And hoooo boy is that a Thing.™ I'm pretty new to the community but I've always felt a disconnect from the rest of the world; much more than other similarly-neurodivergent people I've come across, so when I found out that my memories and feelings could have been connected in some way to these kintypes it just clicked. I've been happier and much more confident within myself ever since. :3

Thank you so much for visiting, and before you watch me I need to stress this: I am very opinionated and very open about a lot of stuff, but I TRY NOT TO SHOVE THIS STUFF DOWN YOUR THROAT. That is the one thing I lack from other obsessive bronies, furries, fandom-nuts and SJW(or anti-SJW)-types. I only share what I believe is appropriate and in small doses, and if one of my artworks or posts is a little bit risque, I’ll add a NSFW or Mature tag. So yeah, watch or note me if you like this stuff, or just simply if you hate it and wanna bitch at me, I love a good troll! ;D



your personal thoughts on otherkin and fictionkin? :P - i'm curious to see what y'all think. don't be worried about being "offensive", be open and honest. <3 

7 deviants said i'm fine with it as long as it isn't hurting anybody; to each their own.
3 deviants said i actually am 'kin!
2 deviants said i'm extremely uncomfortable by it, but wouldn't hate on someone necessarily for being 'kin.
1 deviant said i am an ally for all otherkin; you do you!
1 deviant said i hate 'kin with all my being and wish they would go get help for their issues.
1 deviant said i'm actually otherhearted, soulbond, therian or another subgenre of otherkin!
1 deviant said i'm only disturbed by factkin.
No deviants said i hate 'kin with all my being and wish they would go away.
No deviants said i'm only disturbed by fictionkin.
No deviants said i'm only disturbed by fictionkin and factkin.


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Chocolatechilla Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016   General Artist
The FV warning blog? I found it yesterday through a buddy :p

Thanks for being nice. People, all people, have differences. Even my bestest friends have different points of view and we just respect each other. I never saw the point of being so nasty to others in that community, but eh...
TheKeikoIsALie Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016  Student Digital Artist
lmao I check it all the time thinking one day i'll be posted there. xD i'm a paranoid fuck.

but yeah, no one should be fucking called a whateverphobe for different points of view. you're only a phobic if you actively seek out and harass others because of who they are y'know? and you've not done that so im just sitting here like "oh... more reason to be paranoid... greeeeat"
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